Turn This Book Into A Beehive” written by Lynn Brunelle, illustrated by Anna-Maria Jung.

192 pages | Workman Publishing (2018)

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The Most Dangerous Book: Archery” written by Daniel Nayeri, illustrated by Anna-Maria Jung.

88 pages | Workman Publishing (2017)

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Die Pfeffer-Chroniken” (German edition of “The Pepper Chronicles available HERE: Die Pfeffer Chroniken ) by Anna-Maria Jung (Storyboards, Pencils, Colors, Lettering), Rebekie Bennington (pencils, inks) and Daniel Scribner (script)

200 Pages | German edition at Zwerchfell Comics

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Star Trek: Redshirt’s Little Book of Doom” by Robb Pearlman (author) and Anna-Maria Jung (Illustrator)

Featuring hilarious illustrations and witty gags that both pop culture fans and Star Trek fans will adore.

64 pages | Insight Editions (2016)

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Xoth!” by Anna-Maria Jung

A graphic novel set in the Lovecraft universe – original language is German.

100 pages | Zwerchfell (2007)

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