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Animation Gallery


Rotoscoped animation sequences for docomentary movie "Who is Afraid of Kathy Acker" by Barbara Caspar (Fischer Films 2007). Drawings are by artist Jörg Vogeltanz, postproduction and coloring by me. Have a look at

Premiered at the NYC Museum of Modern Art in winter 2007.


Stills from the movie:


3D Backgorunds for Bill Plympton's animated short "Shut Eye Hotel" (2006). From “Shuteye Hotel" is a film noir murder mystery that takes place in a sleazy hotel. As cops investigate the gruesome murders they become victims of this evil force. What "Jaws" did to swimming, "Shuteye Hotel" will do for sleeping.



Direction together with Ciaran Lucas of calssical animated short "Johnny B."(2005) at the school of television and imaging in Dundee. The whole crew: Layouts: Ciaran Lucas, Script: Luke Mill, Sound: Aileen Rushton, Storyboard: Anna-Maria Jung, Postproduction: Anna-Maria Jung, Music: Stefan Franke, Animators: Anna-maria Jung, Ciaran Luca, Gordon Crawford, Aileen Rushton, Luke Mill, Bridget Mcdermott

Johnny B. is a cartoon about a little guy who is just crazy about shoes.


Stills from the movie:

WATCH Johnny B.

Production of animated Short “Bloody Fish“(2004/05) for Salzburg University of Applied Sciences - Bloody Fish won the audience award at student Filmfestival “Filmriss 2005“. Techniques: 2D Character Animation in “Animation Studio Pro” and 3D Backgrounds with “Alias Wavefront” Maya.

Stills from the movie:

WATCH Bloody Fish

Production of my first animated short “BUGS - Where you end, I begin” (2003), a three minutes film about the tininess of humanity compared to the universe. Techniques: Hand-drawn and put together in Adobe Premiere.  

Stills from the movie:




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